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Behind the Seams: Exploring TV Series Jackets


Who does not prefer to enjoy the weekend by watching their favourite TV series and having snacks late at night? It is obvious that Hollywood TV series have more fan following than movies. The reason is their strong, thrilling storylines and active casts that keep the audience curious, leading them to watch all the episodes consecutively. Whether the series premieres on Netflix, Disney+, HBO, or Amazon Prime, the audience keeps a constant track on these series. Even if the series gets boring at some point, fans keep watching them, as they know it will get in the flow soon.

Once the fans start watching these series, they get obsessed with them to a greater extent that they start collecting their stuff, like posters, props, and clothing items. Clothing items are a must to showcase their craze about a particular series. Since people rarely find the accurate costumes of their favourite characters, they buy their outerwear, which is mostly convenient to find. Many TV series’ outerwear, from biker leather jackets to hoodies to trench coats, have a separate fan following, which is why these jackets are still in demand even after the series ends.

Let’s explore the most iconic and valuable TV series jackets in this blog and identify why they have such significance among fashion lovers.

1. Money Heist Signature Hoodie

money heist jumpsuit

Getting over the most thrilling show, La Casa De Papel, aka Money Heist, is still complex. Remember how we all got obsessed with their masks and hoodies? The Money Heist craze is still alive, as its spin-off series “Berlin” will be released at the end of 2023. So, why not have the signature Money Heist red-themed hoodies before its release? The hoodies that every Money heist character wears in the show are made of the finest fleece material with a soft viscous lining on the inner side.

Its soft texture was the reason that the characters wore it every time, even in the most hectic heist. The hood attached at the collar, a front zipper closure, and rib-knitted cuffs make these hoodies a perfect item to adorn at a heist. It also has two front pockets, one of which is a zipper on the left chest in a vertical position.

2. Agents of Shield

agents of shields jacket

Agents of Shield has been an underrated show, but it has still managed to inspire its fans, especially true Marvel fans, with its unique plot. Even its cast showed such groundbreaking acting skills that the fans ended up loving the show. We all loved Chloe Bennet’s character, Daisy Johnson, and her stylish outlook in every episode, but her black leather jacket won many hearts. It is a real leather jacket with an inner viscous lining that makes it comfortable to wear.

This versatile jacket can be worn on any outfit on any occasion, as it has a stylish fit and appearance. It also features a notch collar and an asymmetrical zipper closure. The zipper cuffs and pockets also add to its outstanding look.

3. Squid Game

squid game tracksuit

Since Squid Game season 1 got all the hype and season 2 is currently under production, let’s dig a bit into it. Squid Game gave us three different signature costumes: the green tracksuit, the pink guard costume, and the frontman’s hooded long coat. However, the craze of getting Gi Hun’s green jacket with his number “456” written on it can’t be justified through words. This jacket is another name for comfort, as it is made of cotton fabric and has a soft inner viscous lining.

Furthermore, it has a stand-up collar with front-zipper closure and rib-knitted cuffs. The jacket looks absolutely splendid with two side pockets so that your stuff can be safe and a white stripe on each shoulder. These jackets are excellent for everyday use, especially for walking or jogging. So, wear it in the morning and flex it as if you have won the Squid Game.

4. Fast and Furious

fast and furious jacket

Fast and Furious never disappoints its fans with its brilliant movie series every time. This series has also inspired many fashion admirers, as the cast wears one extraordinary jacket after another. But here, our target of discussion is Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic Toretto and his blue leather jacket from F9. This astounding jacket and its features have grabbed the attention of many people, including fashion fanatics, cinephiles, and Vin Diesel’s fans.

Diesel’s jacket has a viscous lining inside, which provides ultimate comfort and relaxation. The zipper-front closure, snap-tab collar, and open hem cuffs are the most prominent features of this jacket that make him look dapper. It also features four pockets on the outside, of which two are on the front, the other on the sides, and two inside. The white stripe starting from the shoulders to the end of the sleeves makes it look more ravishing.

5. Stranger Things

Stranger Things Welcome Unisex Sherpa Jacket

The anticipation for the fifth Stranger Things season has been growing each day, and the fans are also sad that it will be its last season. Stranger Things gave us many appreciative scenes that we will always remember. Well, it gave us one more precious thing, which is not strange at all, that we can always keep with us as a Stranger Things memory: the show’s iconic jackets. Here, we will talk about the most fantabulous jacket from Stranger Things season 4.

Yes, you guessed it right! One of our favourite light blue denim jackets. What a stylish jacket it was! You should also get it, as it has a viscous inner lining so you will be relaxed all day wearing it. It features a shirt-style collar, front button closure, and zipper cuffs. The jacket has two pockets on the front and two on the sides.

6. WandaVision

WandaVision Elizabeth Olsen Maroon Hoodie

No doubt, WandaVision was a treat to all Marvel fans, as it was the first MCU TV series and the first Marvel project from Phase 4 that came out after the pandemic in 2021. We all loved Wanda’s themes of outfits according to every decade throughout the show, but the finale had some nail-biting scenes, and Elizabeth Olsen aced them in her maroon hoodie. Her hoodie is still trending and has fleece material with an inner viscous lining.

Also, it has a zipper front closure connecting with a hooded collar. The hoodie reaches its charm with its two waist pockets, rib-knitted cuffs, and lace coming out of the collar. Getting this hoodie will always remind you of Wanda and her superpowers.

Let’s Wrap

Hollywood TV series have been an exceptional source of entertainment and a stress reliever for many cinephiles, as they have kept them engaged and away from worldly tensions. The captivating storylines, jaw-dropping plot twists, fascinating dialogue delivery, and up-to-the-mark cinematography of TV series have obsessed people. Before their obsession reaches its highest level, they start getting stuff related to their favourite TV series, among which outerwear is the necessary belonging.

Whether it is a biker rider jacket, a hoodie, or a coat, they love everything their ideal TV series characters wear. Every TV series has at least one iconic jacket look we all adore, whether it is Money Heist, Squid Game, Agents of Shield, Stranger Things, WandaVision, Firefly, or Fast and Furious. These jackets smoothly make their place in hearts on their own, and we cannot deny our love for them. This blog covers some classic TV series outerwear, including bikers jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and coats. So, explore them thoroughly and choose your dearest TV series’ jackets wisely.

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