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Star Style: Celebrity Jackets Through the Ages


Celebrities are fashion icons who set many trends whether from their red carpet look, movie look, or their everyday look through paparazzi pictures. Since they are public figures, they know how to set a new fashion trend. Similarly, many Hollywood celebrities have the best fashion sense that their fans follow. There is no harm in saying that we proudly follow their footprints and implement their fashion styles. Having a style like theirs is always a pleasure, which lets us radiate a celebrity vibe.

However, nothing attracts more than celebrities’ outerwear from paparazzi pictures from their casual look to a red carpet appearance. Whether they are wearing a bomber jacket, a hoodie, a trench coat, or a biker rider jacket, they carry them in such a way that we can’t stop adopting their style. Everyone wants to own the jackets like celebrities and flaunt them to the world. Even the jackets they wear have the potential to captivate people and make them fall in love with these jackets. Let’s explore some iconic jackets in this blog that celebrities have worn to add to our wish list.

1. Kate Middleton – Elegant 2 Piece Blazer

Kate Middleton Blazer

The elegance reflected in Kate Middleton is beyond words. There is no doubt that the queen looks pretty and glamorous in every outfit, but her blazers always steal the show. She carries her blazers with such grace as if they were made for her. We can take many ideas from her outerwear collections, but let’s discuss her purple blazer for now.

This incredibly neat and charming blazer with a soft and smooth texture hints at her astounding fashion choices. It has large collars with lapels and a double button-front closure with six buttons, exemplifying elegant royal outerwear. The two pockets on the sides perfectly prove that elegance can be reflected in simplicity.

2. Ana De Armas – Classy Biker Leather Jacket

Ana De Armas Jacket

How can we let go of Ana De Armas’s alluring look from her latest movie, “Ghosted”? No doubt, she nailed her character in the movie through her magical acting skills. However, she also won many hearts through her dress and fashion sense by wearing the biker jacket. Her jacket is made of real leather material with a soft, viscous inner lining.

With front zipper closure, lapel style collar, and zipper cuffs, she aced her acting riding a motorcycle. This black leather jacket also features two pockets on the waist and one hidden inside. Add this jacket to your wish list and achieve a classy look like Ana.

3. Tilda Swinton – Stylish 2 Piece Blazer

Tilda Swinton Black Blazer

When it comes to grace, we can never forget Tilda Swinton and her way of layering her outfit with a stylish blazer. This black chic is simple, yet its magnificent look always grabs attention. Its stylish button-front closure and lapel-collar look sit best with her red carpet outfit. The smooth material of this black blazer also makes us imagine the comfort and relaxation one might feel while wearing it.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker – White Long Coat

Sarah Jessica Parker Coat

The charm that Sarah Jessica Parker has been carrying since the beginning of her career can never be ignored. Her fashion sense always impresses her fans, but her white long coat has our hearts. This long wool-blended coat with two stylish pockets on the sides, notch lapel collars, and front button closure is a perfect blend of style and sophistication.

This long coat also provides comfort through its soft, viscous inner lining and extra hidden storage with two inner pockets. Its full sleeves with button cuffs also play an essential role in sophistication.

5. David Beckham – Dapper Bikers Jacket

David Beckham Leather Jacket

Get a biker jacket like David Beckham if you admire his dashing looks. His iconic black leather jacket with inner viscous lining gives a soft yet extraordinary look. The snap-tab collar with front zipper closure and zipper cuffs is what adds to its crisp style. It features four pockets, on the outside. It has a unique pattern on its shoulder that makes it look more competent. Thus, this jacket is brilliant for bikers and David Beckham fans, as it has all the features that an ideal biker jacket should have.

6. Ariana Grande – Black Leather Jacket

Ariana Grande Jacket

Ariana Grande, the absolute fashionista and renowned Hollywood celebrity, is worth following if you are a fashion admirer. Her sense of dressing and way of handling each outfit is peculiar and eye-catching, as she never fails to gather compliments on her outlook. One of her jaw-dropping looks is a black biker jacket made of pure leather.

This jacket can soothe our sight as its material is smooth and its inner lining is soft and viscous. This jacket has spectacular features, like a turn-down collar, zipper-button closure, and two side pockets. A little embroidery on the jacket makes it more aesthetic.

 Closing Remarks

Fashion would never have been shaped if the world had no celebrity or technology. Celebrities wear a variety of outfits, and they spread like a fire on the internet. Although some celebrities have their signature styles, they have variations in that as well, which makes them ideal for us to follow. Their fashion trends never fail us, and we always manage to follow them. But, their constant trend for outerwear has a separate fan base, and nothing can match that level. This blog is the best spot for you if you are in search of celebrities’ trending jackets.

No matter who is your favorite celebrity, these jackets will capture your attention, and your heart will only want them. Whether you want elegance like Kate Middleton, styles like Ana De Armas, or sophistication like Sarah Jessica Parker, get their inspired outerwear, and you will be the center of attention. You can achieve a gorgeous appearance like Ariana Grande and a dapper look like David Beckham by wearing a street-style coat or biker jacket. So, follow your dreams by getting one of these celebrity jackets and show the world your remarkable fashion sense.

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